History of Oulu Theatre

The story of Oulu Theatre began when the amateur theatre Oulun Näyttämö (Oulu Stage) became active and was founded in 1931. In 1951 the name was changed to Oulu Theatre. More than a decade later in 1965 a decision was made for its municipal governance, due to which the name was changed again to Oulu City Theatre.

The theatre needed new, permanent facilities and so in the autumn of 1972, the current theatre building, designed by architect couple Marjatta and Martti Jaatinen, was completed in its spectacular place by the market place harbor.

In 2002 a two-year structural renovation was began which included the building of a new annex. During this time of evacuation, the main stage of the Oulu City Theatre operated in the former meat packing factory facilities of Atria in Limingantulli, which was playfully named Teatria.

The municipal theatre became a limited liability company owned by the Oulu City 1.1.2012. At the end of the year 2017 the marketing name was returned to Oulu Theatre.

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