Facilities and Room Hire

Facilities and Room Hire

Various different facilities suitable for fairs, meetings and conferences are available at the Oulu Theatre. The theatre foyer and many stages can be transformed to suit many multipurpose functions. Also available for you are full theatre technical machinery with its light and PA systems and other delicacies with professional staff including cloak room and front of house staff. Theatre restaurant Vänmanni offers professional catering services and will be able to organize a feast for a hundred of people!

Facilities available:

  • Main Stage (527 seats)
  • Small Stage (125–160 seats)
  • Vinttikamari Studio (78 seats)
  • Pikisali (140–180 seats)
  • The Main and Small Stage Foyers
  • Theatre Restaurant

If you are interested to hire facilities at the theatre, please contact email tilavuokraus@oulunteatteri.fi.


We do not hire out our facilities for artistic purposes. Our rental of stages and services concentrates only on fairs, meetings and conferences.

As a theatre, our artistic programme is carefully curated by the Artistic Director. Sometimes if the artistic director thinks a show will make a great addition to our seasonal programme, the proposal can be evaluated and it may be possible to collaborate and host the visit of the performance.

If you want to send us a proposal, please get in touch with Sari Tanner, Head of Production sari.tanner@oulunteatteri.fi.

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