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Oulu Theatre was built on a magnificient spot by the market place waterfront, where it is situated on an artificial island called Vänmanni, at Kaarlenväylä 2.

Oulu Theatre is the largest professional theatre in northern Finland. The diverse programme produced by the artistically and operatively high-class professional corporation offers audiences high-quality and ambitious performances. In addition to plays, also opera, musicals and new national and world premieres are produced. The theatre also annually features performances for children and hosts the Oulu Theatre Festival for Young Audiences. The program is mainly produced in Finnish.

Oulu Theatre is regarded as one of the leading theatrical institutions in the network of Finnish professional theatres.  The current leadership consists of CEO Tuija Hyppönen and Artistic Director Alma Lehmuskallio (from 1.1.2020).

History of Oulu Theatre

The story of Oulu Theatre began when the amateur theatre Oulun Näyttämö (Oulu Stage) became active and was founded in 1931. In 1951 the name was changed to Oulu Theatre. More than a decade later in 1965 a decision was made for its municipal governance, due to which the name was changed again to Oulu City Theatre.

The theatre needed new, permanent facilities and so in the autumn of 1972, the current theatre building, designed by architect couple Marjatta and Martti Jaatinen, was completed in its spectacular place by the market place harbor.

In 2002 a two-year structural renovation was began which included the building of a new annex. During this time of evacuation, the main stage of the Oulu City Theatre operated in the former meat packing factory facilities of Atria in Limingantulli, which was playfully named Teatria.

The municipal theatre became a limited liability company owned by the Oulu City 1.1.2012. At the end of the year 2017 the marketing name was returned to Oulu Theatre.

The theatre in figures

  • In existence since 1931, for over 80 years
  • 8 annual premieres
  • 350–400 performances per year for an audience of 80 000
  • The staff of 100 includes approximately 35 artists, 15 set and costume makers, 30 technical employees, 20 people in administration, production team, marketing, sales and foyer services
  • 4 stages, but even 9 different facilities available for room hire

Facilities and Room Hire

Various different facilities suitable for fairs, meetings and conferences are available at the Oulu Theatre. The theatre foyer and many stages can be transformed to suit many multipurpose functions. Also available for you are full theatre technical machinery with its light and PA systems and other delicacies with professional staff including cloak room and front of house staff. Theatre restaurant Vänmanni offers professional catering services and will be able to organize a feast for a hundred of people!

Facilities available:

  • Main Stage (527 seats)
  • Small Stage (125–160 seats)
  • Vinttikamari Studio (78 seats)
  • Pikisali (140–180 seats)
  • The Main and Small Stage Foyers
  • Theatre Restaurant

The Oulu Theatre Festival for Young Audiences

The Oulu Theatre Festival for Young Audiences is a joyful event organized annually by Oulu Theatre. Alma Lehmuskallio, the artistic director of the theatre, is also the director of the festival.

The first festival was held in Oulu in 1982. The Oulu Theatre has been the main organizer of the festival since 1993, and it is an established part of the theatre’s programme every spring. In 2021, the festival will celebrate its 40th anniversary.

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